Lineage 2 Mystic is a fully dedicated server for its
infrastructure in Europe.
Thus, the server has the opportunity to be located in a strategic
position within the virtual world. Dorn is based on the old
lineage 2 server. We wish you the best gameplay
possible to enjoy as much as possible.
This server aims to focus on a retail gameplay without the
hardcore grinding part of retail or low rates. It allows casual
players to have a great experience as well as hardcore ones.


Auto learn skills.
System clan.
Quest Nobless Retail.
Sub Class Free.
Equipments [C] and [B] selling for adena.
Armor/Jewels [A] selling for adena, required unseal.
Weapons [A] selling for farm, required empowerment.
Armor/Jewels [S] selling for farm, required unseal.
Weapons [S] selling for farm, required empowerment.
Slot buffs: 24+4 (Divine Book).
Buffer full in NPC.


Experience (EXP) 50x
Skill Points (SP) 50x
Adena 100x
Vip Exp 2x
Vip Sp 2x


Safe +3
Max Weapon: +16
Max Armor/Jewels: +12
Enchant Rate: Retail

Farm System

Ketra Orc - Solo Farm.
Field of Silence - Solo Farm.
DVC - Party Farm (Chaotic Zone).
All epic boss are level 80 (Chaotic Zones).
Drop changed whith drop and Blesseds Enchants.